Donate to a School

Buy kits in the shop and indicate the name of the school you are gifting materials and resources to.

It might be a school near your home, a school you graduated from, or a school you think needs help. We take it from here, we'll contact the school, and make sure your donation get's to them.

But wait, you don't have a specific school? You just want to give to education. This is great too!

Jeepneed has a roster of public schools who want to get their hands on our materials and curriculum. Identify the materials or the training program you want to donate, and leave a note that says "Donation" at check out. We'll match the schools to your donation, and inform you once we've made the match and once the resources have reached them. 

Donate your time

Become a Jeepneed Ambassador at your School

Students organizations contribute to education in schools around them all the time. The Jeepneed Team started this way. If you would like to use some of our materials, models, and kits for your organization or club projects, Becoming a jeepneed Ambassador is a great way to start. 

Contact with your ideas, past school projects and a brief plan for how you want the partner. 

Make a Science Kit with us

We want you! Professors, Fellow Nerds, Teachers, Students, Artists and Designers. If you have a cool idea for science education, have design and or graphic design talent or enjoy writing content for education, let us know how you are interested in getting involved, and tell us more about the skills you have, and the skills you want to develop. 

So many of our Kits have come our of interdisciplinary Teams of 3-5 who use their talents to make something cool in education. And Yes, because we sell our kits, we make sure you get paid. What? Yup. You get paid. We value your skills and your time, so we make sure you get compensated appropriately. 

Join the Team

We are looking for a Sales and Operations Associate with an interest in developing a sustainable model for non profits and a curiosity for science.

Job Description:

Support the Development of Science Kits and Educational Materials

* Support the development of science kits by securing quotations, sourcing samples, and developing creative solutions to materials and kit design process with Content Developers

* Coordinate sourcing and delivery of kits for schools

Win new clients and develop relationships with schools

* Research and collect information from potential private school clients

* Conduct client sales visits and kit demonstrations

* Process orders and coordinate regarding delivery dates and times

* Check in and foster relationships with clients and update them new products


Are you a good fit?

* 1-2 years work experience, willing to consider fresh graduates with exceptional work-study experience

* Experience in sales, or project management

* Takes initiative and works well in teams

* Interest in education or science 

*  Fluency in Tagalog, English and or Bisaya, a plus

Offer: Competative dependent on experience, plus percentage of sales, performance incentives, and travel and communications stipend

Email with your resume, available schedule for a 15 minute phone interview before March 15 and 3-5 sentence answers to the situations below: 

  1. Describe a time when someone said "No" to a request you made, what strategy did you use to get them to say "yes"?
  2. You've received a quotation that is far beyond budget, what might be some steps you would take to work with it.