We crowd funded our first mobile lab, it was more like a truck

Four years ago, we started by raising funds to build a mobile science lab through Kickstarter.

We wanted to help schools make learning fun and relevant, and it made sense to us to put our resources on wheels. 

We drove the lab around 5 schools in Sarangani, where our wonderful facilitators  delivered the content.

Jeepneed version 1 in Alegria Central School, Sarangani

We were able to prove our hypothesis, that hands on science engages students and raises standardized test scores without explicitly teaching to the test. 

But, once our mobile lab left, nothing was left with the schools. We had to rethink our model. While our content and our facilitators were delivering quality content, we needed to put our money where our impact was.

Jeepneed raised NAT scores by an average of 20 points


We realized we needed to work on leaving schools empowered so we started working on a Lab-in-a-Box and a Training program

Jeepneeds pilot programs finds an:

  1. Increase in standardized test scores by an average of 20 points
  2. Increase in retention by 70% through internal tests and unannounced examinations
  3. Adoption rate of teachers in Jeepneed Teacher Support programs have increased from 10% to 60%